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Viewing of images in the greater size

How to order images

Conditions and rules of purchase of images

? What for to buy images if they can be taken easy on this site?

- The images which have been laid out on a site, are strongly reduced and compressed. Originals have the size in 10...30 times greater. Besides, images placed on a site, are intended only for viewing - their any use demands the preliminary sanction.

? I receive what rights on the got images?

- The images presented here, are on sale within the limits of so-called " licenses Royalty Free " with an opportunity of commercial use. More in detail about the rights read here.

? Whether purchase of the rights is possible?

- Conditions and cost of similar purchase should stipulate separately by e-mail.

? In what of difference of use of bought images?

- Ordering images, you should specify a kind of their use - commercial or noncommercial. The difference between them is described here. Usually cost of the image for commercial use in 10 times exceeds those for noncommercial. If there are doubts about character of use of images, write, for what you wish to use images, and, probably, you receive them under the intermediate price.

? I would like to buy the image, but I not quite accept the prices.

- The prices are not strict and final. Write, for what these images, and if your purposes are modest, that, probably are necessary to you, you receive files under lower price.

? Whether instead of you will deceive me?

- I do not want and I can not risk for the sake of several hundreds/thousand roubles the reputation. All the ordered images will be necessarily sent on e-mail, specified by you.

7 How it is possible to pay purchase of images?

- Requisites on which there is a payment, will be sent to you on e-mail. .