Conditions and rules of purchase of images
License explanation

Sale of digital images on a site is carried out on following conditions and rules. You should closely their prohonour before will start to order the image.

Buying the image on a site, you receive the limited rights to its repeated use - the so-called license "Royalty Free". Buying the image under the given license, you acquire the right to reuse it in various projects without additional deductions to the author. It is necessary to know, that simultaneously the image can use and other people who have bought it under this license.

There Is a popular belief, that having bought image Royalty Free, it is possible to do with it everything, everything. It not so. In below-mentioned items it is noted, as it is forbidden to use the images got under license Royalty Free.

1. The buyer has no right to use the image with a view of, contradicting the current legislation of the Russian Federation..

2. The bought image cannot be on sale on other sites, photobanks, shops and other services on sale of images.

3. Buying digital images, you undertake to not transfer their third parties and to not suppose their further free distribution. You should protect images from copying and from use by other persons.

4. If you are going to use the bought image for commercial objectives at the order of the image, should specify type of use - commercial or noncommercial. Commercial use of the image costs in some times more, than noncommercial. Below examples of commercial use of images are resulted:

Use for covers of books, magazines, newspapers, writing-books, notebooks, albums and other printed editions;

Use on internal pages of books, magazines, newspapers, albums and other printed editions;

Use as cards;

Use as an element of advertising in promotional materials, or as an element of design of the program or a roller;

Use in corporate polygraphic production in circulation over 100 copies;

Application as a basis for wall-papers on a desktop (wallpapers) with their subsequent accommodation in a network the Internet; the size of wall-papers should not exceed 1600 pixels on the big party.

Use in design of packing of the goods;

Use as a basis for creation of a trade mark or a trade mark;

Different ways of use of the image with the purpose of reception of profit (a press on T-shorts, compact discs, labels, banners, manufacturing of souvenir production, etc.);

Other kinds of commercial activity in which the success of the project depends, first of all, from the image.

5. The buyer undertakes to use the bought image only for those purposes which it has specified at the order.

6. You cannot use the bought image for a press of posters, posters, calendars. Similar use is possible only from the preliminary written sanction of the author. Cost of similar use of the image also demands preliminary discussion with the author.

7. At the publication of images in printed editions (books, newspapers, magazines, albums) you should specify in the obvious image authorship of work in the form of the reference to the Internet-site

8. You can edit the got image according to your problems - to cut off, retouch, change color characteristics for the subsequent press. Thus the excessive editing the image deforming its initial sense is forbidden.

9. All the images presented to sale on this site, are author's works, and are protected by the international and Russian norms on protection of copyrights. Buying the image, you get the right of its lawful using according to the above-stated conditions, but do not get the right to authorship of product.

Certainly, these rules and examples cannot capture all parties of our life. Therefore, if you still had questions on possible use of image, do not hesitate, write.